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Web Media

Today web applications & web technologies are changing the approach of business operate across the globe. Kuku Media expertise in developing professional web applications that transform the way you do your business. Starting from simple website to the most complex or dynamic applications that run the whole organizations, Kuku Media has efficiently deliver solutions to empower your business. Kuku Media is professional and experienced in developing exclusive system with multifaceted business logic dealing with large database & transactions. We believe in serving you web applications that are user friendly with easy navigation structure.

Wide range of web applications provided by Kuku Media:

Custom Web Development, Content Management System, E-Commerce Development, Web Portal, Web Banner designs, Shopping Cart Development, Website maintenance,SEO Services, Linux Hosting

Print Media

Logo Designing

Your logo, symbol or brand image is your single most important marketing tool, and it will make a tangible contribution to the success of your product or service. The Kuku has designed logos, brand images, symbols and identities for companies and organisations of every size - from one-man operations to international organisations. We have over Five years experience. Our enthusiastic team of designers will work with you to ensure you get a totally professional world-class logo.

Brochure Designing

Your brochure will grab your customer's attention with its eye-catching design and customized layout. Enhance your company's image with a professionally designed brochure.

Successful marketing begins with customized materials that grab people's attention. Get your message across through eye-catching designs that are consistent with your company's image.

Unlimited brochure concepts, Unlimited revisions, Page size provided by client, Full color (CMYK or RGB),Free royalty-free images,100% original designs.

Catalog Designing

A well-designed catalog has the ability to bring your business to life and promote your identity among present and prospective clients. Make sure you have the best catalog to communicate your business image. Successful marketing begins with customized materials that grab people's attention. Get your message across through eye-catching designs that are consistent with your company's image.

Flyer Design

A custom designed flyer should represent the core values and integrity of your company. Create a flyer than increases your brand awareness with customers. Successful marketing begins with customized materials that grab people's attention. Get your message across through eye-catching designs that are consistent with your company's image.

Book Cover Design

Create the right book cover for the right audience with an appropriate and captivating design. We have the skills and dedication to design the perfect cover for your book. Successful marketing begins with customized materials that grab people's attention. Get your message across through ye-catching designs that are consistent with your company's image.


"A brand is the intangible sum of a product's attributes: its name, packaging, and price, its history, its reputation, and the way it's advertised." The single distinguishing factor, it is the brand that sets a product, a service or a concept apart from others. It is the ultimate identity that is created over the years that offers a "promise of value" every time.

Therefore the elements of a brand like the logo, the colors, the name and the appearance becomes a visual symbol of that promise. But without consistency, coherence or long-term planning, these elements don't make a brand, but a mere label.

With the large and growing middle class of 350 million with a disposable income, and the huge influx of foreign companies competing with the long standing indigenous names in the industry, India is just starting to realize the importance of branding in today's market-share driven world. The brand today has become the single-most powerful and intangible asset to a company that can be translated and accounted as Intellectual Capitals on the company's balance sheet.

However this does not necessarily mean that branding is applicable only to big multinationals. Be it a small, medium or large company, a start-up or an established firm, from the boardroom to the shop-floor, for your employees, customers and competitors - branding today is the foremost marketing function that needs to be in your corporate strategy.

As a brand works company, we offer specific branding tools for your company, the culmination of which helps you create, build and establish the brand you want to be.


Advertising attempts to persuade potential customers to purchase or to consume more of a particular brand of product or service. Advertisements are designed to generate increased consumption of those products and services through the creation and reinforcement of "brand image" and "brand loyalty". The scope for advertising has widened manifold with big names dealing in various businesses coming forward to showcase their specialties through advertising. Add to that, the ever expanding use of advertising on television, print, outdoor and radio; advertising mediums are now permeating into innovative areas such as the web, out-of-home, mobile and ambient channels. It is now a challenge and a necessity to break the clutter and use creative yet simple ideas to place advertisements where the audience can easily gain access and frequently be exposed to any kind of visual, audio and printed information. After all, good advertising should enable your product or service to be seen, remembered and preferred.

We are an advertising agency that not just offers you strategies, but helps you to see it through completion. Promoters of result-oriented advertising, each phase of the advertising pitch is chalked out with painstaking detail and is implemented to reap real and calculable results.

Event Management

Kuku Media has a separate division of Event Management, providing all professional services to our clients since long. We utilizes state-of-the art equipment and techniques and its professionally staffed. We are specialist state, set, fabrication, product launches, road shows, concerts, fashion shows, annual conferences, creativity and innovation, deliver the talent and take care of the full production, from high tech sound and lighting systems to cleanup and gives a special blend of experience, technical expertise and creative energy.

Vast experience in the art of science of building sets for touring road shows, cinema , television, music videos, mega events in India. Our Management's creative approach is complemented by the largest inventory of sound and light equipment and trained personnel. We have solid experience in organizing diverse commercial events like product launches and re-launches, branded activities in schools, clubs, restaurants, road shows and in-house company programs.